#StoryOfTheMonth March 2019 by Vani Kaushal

‘Fate of our Milk Teeth’ by Aparna Mondal took me back to my childhood days. I was suddenly reminded of those times when I lost my milk teeth. I was scared as hell that I would forever have that ugly socket in my gums, until, of course, I was educated by some clever cousin of mine about how it is natural to lose teeth. I remember being advised to bury them under the soil in the garden — which I did. In time, I had a fresh new batch of sparkling white teeth, which, I thought, was a result of all that hard work I did in the garden. I have read a few stories by Aparna and all of them somehow make me feel nostalgic. Her stories are simple and beautiful. They have a very Ruskin Bond-ish feel about them. That’s why I love them so much. I would encourage her to continue writing. Who knows one day she could come up with an anthology.