Family is the Greatest Gift

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Ranya is a girl with imagination and a fair mix of logic, she wants to pursue her dream to be an astronomer and writes short stories as her hobbies. She wants a life that a person should remember and learn from. she believes in that life is a journey, not a destination.

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Today l am so incredibly happy because it is my (and my brother’s) birthday. But no one except my brother really knows, because we are orphans. We live near a dumpster in front of a huge house that once looked like a palace. There was a rumor about us, that we were called the “Unlucky Twins” and that whoever came near us was met by misfortune. They say, we lived in that house and were so unlucky that when we were born, the house burned down but we were able to escape.

My twin didn’t make it in time and got a scar. But he is still alive. I don’t believe it, I think the scar is his birthmark.

Anyway, to celebrate our birthday we decided to adventure the house. It is just like what Isaac Newton said, “I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary while an ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” Even though, we are orphans, that does not mean we don’t have to be educated. Many people throw books after the school year ends, so we just end up reading those books. Me and my brother are so different. Yet, we share our love for science.

We entered through the broken fence, and now we felt like we were going through it again. We went through it anyway. While I was going through, my cloak got stuck in the wood. We tried to pull it but it just tore in half. So we left it there. Now all there was left was a pair of shorts and a torn away shirt. We swiftly went through of what looked like a garden. We barely spotted an unharmed chest and a map with a message. We read it.

“Dear Max and James,
We are your parents, we know that you’re sad that you can’t see us but we left something to remind you of us. All you have to do is answer this question. It will be one of the words on this map, this will prove if you deserve the treasure. The question is, what do you really want at this very moment?”

We were puzzled but we had the same answer, it was, Family!
We saw the map. There was a room called the “Family room”. We went into it, there was an equation lying over there. We cracked it in no time. It was a bunch of letters: i, w, t, y, u, s, i, h, o. We thought we had to assemble the letters with the first answer in the end. It was “Family is with you.”

We felt we didn’t need to know what was in that chest. We actually felt like our parents were with us. So, we ran back to get our things here. Life with the family is a treasure.


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