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Fakhri Mohallah or Seher as we fondly call it is a traditional Gujarati style mohallah where the people belonging to the Aalvi Vohra community predominantly live. The mohallah houses the ancient Musanji Taj Saheb Mosque and my elders say that our great grandfather was the neighbor of the saint himself. It was a joyous and peaceful place to be at. Our neighbors were very caring and we lived like a big happy family.

Sadly, with the increase in the number of members in each family and limited space to live, many people residing in the mohallah chose to leave their ancestral homes and move to the nearby, developing urban areas. Also, the younger generations did not prefer staying there. However, there are a handful of families still living in the mohallah, whereas some houses have been brought down by the storms of time, some stand renovated while those with the beautiful intrinsically carved windows are left unattended, maybe forever.

Whenever I visit the mohallah to see my uncle who gladly decided on staying there, I sense relief, satisfaction, and calmness of some kind. That is the house filled with the blessings of my elders, has the pious soul of my Dadima and stores so many memories of my childhood. Not just mine, but my father’s, his brother’s and all his sister’s reminiscences, who are smiling down upon us from heaven.

I recall the laughter lost, the hideous lane leading to the mosque, the games we played, and the neighbors who poured down water on the little boys at maghrib for them to go and pray. Collecting the precious jewels left untouched on the memory lane. This is all we earn and save.


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