Faith and Presence of Mind

Melita Ancy Dlima

Born in April 1998, Melita Ancy Dlima hails from Surathkal, Mangalore. She is currently in her second year, studying for her degree at Govinda Dasa College. Born to truck driver, Mr. Melwyn Dlima and Mrs. Violet Dlima, Melita aspires to be a company secretary in future.

My father is a professional and an experienced driver. He has twenty one years of driving experience. His profession makes him venture to far off places at times, though he has not met with any major accident hitherto, save a minor one. I am thankful to God for this and also applaud the presence of mind of my father.

It was a Sunday when my father had a tryst with a minor accident. My father had left for work as usual and whilst on the way to a particular place, the brakes of his truck failed. As the place was a slope area, his truck collided and hit a halted bus. I am much thankful to God as well as the timely composure my father kept, that there was not much damage caused to the bus, truck or my father. If we were to suppose that there was no bus in front of the truck, we would not have been able to imagine the disastrous consequences the given situation would bring to our family.

To say the least, it was a horrid experience not just for my father but also all of us. My father checked the brakes of the truck each time duty calls, but on that fateful day, he did not, as the truck was serviced a day earlier. I would like to stress here the importance of responsibility for the mechanics as well. It is vital to perform their duty well and make sure that they have done the work and carried out repairs well, as lives are at stake on the road. Mechanics play an indispensable role in road safety.

My father is not very comfortable with long drives, especially overnight, because of his health issues. Rarely does he accept such trips, and on the occasions he does, we constantly call him, asking about his well-being. We are a tight knit unit and often await him for dinner, even when he arrives later than his usual time. It is almost a ritual to listen to dad’s experiences on the dinner table. Thankfully, my father, as I mentioned above, is a calm person and drives smoothly, and God forbid, there has been no rash accidents that he encountered.

My father has taught me the value of acceptance and often says that we must trust God and be prepared for all that comes our way. He stresses the transient quality of life and speaks to us about the importance of being peaceful and calm within. This is a gift I consider to be most important in my life. These traits of keeping a peaceful and open mind and heart has brought me much success. Our family remains thankful to God for the benevolence he showers upon all of us.

I regard education as a tool of bringing forth much upheaval and change in society. Everyone must have a right to education. One skill set that education imbibes in a person is the judgment of right from wrong. An educated individual not only adds to the quality of people inn society but also brings along responsible speech and thought. I illustrate with an example: An educated person would always find newer ways of thinking against the grain, as opposed to an uneducated person. The educated person would also try to push the envelope and bring a multi-dimensional view of the situation instead of rigid and orthodox ways of thinking. Education makes a person more aware, and thus, socially responsible.

My ambition is to become a Corporate Secretary. While I do not think that my chosen field of practice would present the opportunity to address road safety issues, my father, I’m certain, would continue inspiring people through his words and teachings.

If every driver on the road is genuine and abides by traffic rules and guidelines, the world would be a much better place. There would be a drastic decrease in accidents and more people would enjoy the benefits brought by progress. Every driver must remember that there is someone who eagerly waits for him back at home.

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