Exit into the womb

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Christos Kalli, born in Larnaca, Cyprus, is currently studying for his undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Glasgow. He is active in the English and American poetry scene, and he is always trying to broaden his network. His most recent poems can be found / are forthcoming in the minnesota review, Oxford Magazine, Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal, London Journal of Fiction, Hobart, among others. He is currently one of the reviewers of Prole Magazine.

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because we call people refuges fags idiots retards drop outs
instead of calling them people I want to exit into the womb

where everything is called by its name and because out here
I see people spending money on plastic surgeries to become

more plastic and so that the scars outside can match the scars
inside because of that I want to go back inside because I don’t

understand why only one war is called cold when they are all
cold I want to spend the rest of my time inside the womb because

I don’t understand why the decision to take a life takes seconds
while the decision of what to wear takes weeks and because out

here people like nothing about themselves except their eyelashes
I want to go back inside the womb to escape from this world

where couples go out to dinner and eat alone without exchanging
a single word and I want to exit into the womb because out here

there are one word poems when you need so much more than just
one word to explain and wonder why everything is so messed up

because of that I want to go back inside where verses are coupled and
they are not on their own and I want to exit into the womb because

we are not making myth
we are making meth.


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