Eternal love

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Born and brought up in Mumbai, Kavita Iyer has a closely knit family and friends. Her passion for writing poems started from college days and they used to get published in college magazines. This motivated her to write more during free time. She loves Urdu shayaris and have also attempted to compose a few. Apart from poems and shayaris Kavita is inclined towards writing short stories, motivational essays that bring some positive vibrance to routine life.

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“One corner of my heart still sinks for you
In those silent moments, my mind still thinks of you,
I wish I could rewind those moments and the time,
As a corner of my heart still says you are mine! “

With these lines Anu ended the page in her diary, put off the table lamp and went to sleep, lost dreaming of Anish.

Anu and Anish were childhood friends. They studied in the same school & stayed in the same locality in Mumbai. Anu was a year younger to Anish, hence his books used to be passed to Anu every year for reference and study. Those days it wasn’t mandatory to buy books from school. As Anu’s parents couldn’t afford to buy new books, it was a practice every year to borrow books from Anish. Many a times Anish used to guide Anu with her studies as she was an average student and he was a rank-holder in school. Years passed, they cleared their SSC from the same school, moved to different colleges to pursue higher education. Anish went to Pune Engineering College and Anu had opted for B.Com correspondence course. She had taken up a part-time job to support her family.

Distance never mattered, they both stayed in touch through sms and phone calls. Though both loved and cared for each other, none expressed or poured their heart out. It was a pure friendship that had turned into love.

Anu’s parents were now talking about her marriage. Initially Anu rejected few proposals that came her way, as she could not see any other man in her life other than Anish. But this time, out of her parent’s pressure, she couldn’t deny a proposal as the guy was well settled and came from a good family. The kind of guy every girl would dream of! She finally nodded “yes” to her parents for this match, as she never could read what brewed in Anish’s mind.

Time just flew, Anu got married and within a year she had a baby boy in her arms. Her contacts with Anish reduced gradually. She got busy in her family obligations.
Anish was aware of her marriage but made an excuse of not attending it. He said he had some official commitments. Anish could not see his lady in someone else’s arms, so he just stayed away. With time, he sank in Anu’s memories and resorted to alchohol, trying to forget her and remove her from his life, permanently!!

But as the saying goes, it’s a small world. Their paths crossed one day.

Anish had come to Mumbai on an official trip and bumped into Anu, who was with her family, shopping. Initially she didn’t recognise him as he was now a different man altogether, sporting a beard and having a ragged look. But the moment their eyes met, past memories flashed across and their joy knew no bounds. Anu had forgotten for a while that she had her family with her as they got totally engrossed in talks. It was a simple conversation between two heavy hearts but they had a lot to say. They parted from each other waving a ‘Bye’, but…
Their Love Bloomed After Bidding Goodbye.
Their love still seemed fresh like the smell of mud from the first rain.
Every single moment got refreshed in their minds.
Back home, Anu took out her diary and scribbled some lines,
“One corner of my heart still sinks for you
In those silent moments, my mind still thinks of you……. ”
Yes, the love remained, they couldn’t forget each other, but they moved on…
“Moving on wasn’t easy
Neither for him, nor for her
But it happened as they loved each other!!”


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