The huge clock struck 10pm. A cold winter October night and there she sat staring blankly at the people walking ...
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Prologue : We are the Bengalis who moved out of Bengal a long time ago. Work brought us to other ...
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The Durga Puja in Powai

The conch shells were being blown from some distant land, it seemed. Somehow that very sound struck a chord in ...
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Shipra Pandey
The Durga Puja was here again. It always fascinated him how it created whole new atmosphere. The occasion just had ...
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It was that time of the year we Bengalis wait for. The entire city was getting geared up to welcome ...
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Half Ticket

The deafening beats could almost awaken the dead. Pull of the mesmerizing fragrance of incense sticks and child-like excitement in ...
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Memories with Sayaka

Prologue There were pedestrians galore galumphing through the streets of Bara Bazaar in North Kolkata. The hubbub and cacophony that ...
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The Sojourn

Soumya Bera
“Ya debi sarrva bhuteshu shakti rupena sansthitha........ The Devi bandana was roaring on the megaphones pitched high on the poles, ...
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The Invocation

Krishna Agarwal
On the day of Bijoya Dashami, a young boy named Imam, just eight years old, sat on his balcony enjoying ...
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Perfect Innocence

Durga Pujas were right around the corner and pandals were springing up everywhere. Stretches of fields were filled with Kans ...
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No sooner had the divine ‘Maa Durga’ arrived that I grabbed the opportunity to perform a gesture I always do ...
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A Novel Arrival