Driving Demands Discipline

Tarmeen B.

Born in April 2001, Tarmeen B. hails from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. She is the daughter of truck driver Mr. Rahim Ahmed and Mrs. Takabul Jahan. Tarmeen wants to be a lawyer.

Who does not know that following the traffic rules is always good for our security? But still, we hesitate to do that because we don’t respect the rules of the roads and think that we are bigger than the administration. Rules are made so that the resources can be used judiciously. People are expected to follow these rules because survival of everyone depends on complying with these rules.

Roads are common resources. We share them with everyone else in the city. It is also a scarce resource because the growth in the roadways does not usually keep pace with the number of new vehicles getting on the roads. Failing to follow traffic laws can expose us and our fellow motorists to unnecessary and avoidable danger.

Most of us follow the rules only for the fear of getting caught and paying fine. This speaks volumes about our indiscretion. Laws were put into place to protect us from ourselves. We must respect and follow them.

Accidents prove costly. Only the people, who are bereaved of someone, pay the price of a life lost. For others, a death means a silent prayer for a few seconds. That is all. Nobody can understand the never-ending ordeals of a family who loses a sole-earner to someone’s reckless driving. One death snatches away their dreams from them. It means a lifelong struggle for his wife. It means his children would not be able to study. It is like murdering his children’s childhood. A life cut short by an accident is most dreadful.

My father got his driving license about twenty-five years back. He drove a bus for ten years and never met with an accident because he always follows the rules and knows how important they are. He maintains that when a person follows the road rules, accidents don’t happen to him. He is always particular about observing even the most trivial of rules. He says that another way of avoiding accidents is taking good care of your vehicle. Timely maintenance and periodic checks of crucial parts helps and saves a driver from unnecessary trouble and risk. Driving demands discipline and being such a disciplined driver makes him special.

Father always wanted to educate his children. My brother has become a driver.  For me, father has different dreams. He wishes to enroll his daughter in LLB.  So, he works hard so that all his children may continue with their studies.  I am determined to reach the destination for which I have forwarded my step and make my father proud. I will make sure that his hard work and sacrifice do not go waste.

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