Drivers and the Society

Sk. Khasimbee

Sk. Khasimbee is from Khammam district, Telengana. She was born to truck driver Mr. Khadarbabu and Ms. Ramjanbee in June 1993. Having completed B. Pharm from Jawaharlal Nehru College, Khasimbee wishes to open a medical pharmacy soon and help her parents.

My father is driving for the past 25 years. He Till now he hasn’t got any negative feedbacks about his driving. . He is working with Maha Cements Company since 1992. My father has not involved in any accidents so far. He has no bad habits of any kind and that might be one of the reasons. Due to his years of experience in this field, he is capable of taking up long drives without much of worry or struggle. He takes proper rest during nights in these long drives, to avoid accidents. And most of the times there will be routes with heavy traffic, heavy rains and roads in pathetic conditions. But being a good driver that he is, he does his duties despite all the odds against him. Most of the times he is away from the family for months together. We miss him, but we don’t worry as we trust he will be safe.

Truck drivers are important as they play a major role in transportation business. Our nation cannot go forward without exports and imports. Drivers struggle hard while sacrificing their sleep for the sake of making a living and to carry on with their duties. Society owes security and compassion to drivers’ family, the way the drivers take responsibility for the society. Our father is working so hard to provide us education. Unlike other fathers, he doesn’t get time to spend with us. We miss him as much as he misses us. I request the nation to understand each and every driver’s struggle and have same respect towards him, the way you respect every other profession.

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