Departure – 2

About Tapan Mozumdar

Tapan is an engineer by training and a real estate builder by profession. His interests lie in poetry, short stories and now, in photography. Caught between disparate pulling forces, he finds his balance. Writing is catharsis for him. Voyeurism, too! He is 50 now and live in Bangalore with parents and wife; his son is 20 and studies digital design. Recently, Tapan had been shortlisted for Star Writer’s Programme, a national competition for writers organised by Star TV.

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You tell me “Go!”
I think you hope
me to touch your ego
at its shoulder.
I let it be there
and it meets again
with your cruel stare.
As I pick up
my wallet and watch,
I can sense
your lips parch
dried for a kiss
or a glass of water.
Worded refrains
add to the chatter,
you throw a glass.

Could’ve been me!
You hit instead
A prized antiquity.

You know it well
buttoning up
will take some time,
yet your birthday cup
goes off next.
My writer’s mind
reads subtext
of wishes unsaid
that want me now
on that rumpled bed.

I pass my scarf
for tears to dry.
You tear it apart.
I simplify
this furious riot
as temporary.
You insist, but,
to leave for good.

I sit on an ottoman,
‘It’s just a mood.’
I pick your Kindle,
I know it’s code,
you get up then
and show me the road.

Down the corridor
of the quiet hotel,
I don’t feel sorry.
No sad detail
of our affair past
passes my mind.
I am just aghast
why my wife
had to write to you,
throwing black paint
to this amorous hue.


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