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The phone rang. Shailesh picked it up without taking his eyes off the laptop that he was working on.

“Yeah”, he muttered.

“Hello sexy”, said a very familiar voice from the other end. Shailesh hadn’t heard the voice in years now but he would never forget it.

The two words were enough to make him forget about the work he was doing and close the laptop. Years ago these two words and the voice would make him giddy with arousal and anticipation. The effect was no different now.

“Tonight?” the voice asked.

“Sure”, said Shailesh.

As soon as he put the phone down Shailesh thought about Richa, his wife. Before they could throw up a dozen doubts in his mind he quickly put aside all thoughts about his marriage. Tonight he was determined to have a good time.

Sometimes he felt that marrying Richa had been a mistake. She had changed after their marriage. Earlier she was this spontaneous, wild, wickedly funny person of whom Shailesh couldn’t have enough of. After marriage something changed. With her job, the kids and the home all the spontaneity and fun seemed to have vanished. Shailesh longed for it.

He could hardly wait for the time to pass before he made it to the agreed rendezvous. She was there before him.

It was the best night Shailesh had in a long, long time. All the while Shailesh had only one thing on his mind. He had missed her badly.

As he was returning home, Shailesh thought about his marriage. After some time he understood it was useless to think any further.

At home Richa opened the door for him. She followed him up to their room. Not a word was spoken between them. Once in the room, she closed the door behind them.

In the same familiar voice she said, “Hello sexy, you wanna try again?”

Shailesh closed his eyes. The Richa he knew was back and he was loving it.


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  • Saisharanyadash07/12/2018 at 8:02 PM

    Awesome story of your delight.

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