Dear Me

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A radio in age of iPods
A bookstore competing with Kindle
A Beatles song out of place in a club

Krishnakali has a keen appetite for reading books, painting abstract pictures and also singing. She had started writing unexpectedly and within seconds it became her better half.

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One ancient night

the dimmed stars shovelled you to the corner of the sky

And you were happily dancing

on the sharp edges of the meteors

embracing the glorious death to your life


Lady of infinite sadness, weep no more

O celestial phenomenon!!

I smell those scars on your pale skin

and paint your portrait with your blood ….


Before you built your home in this planet

Whose love did you seek?

Or you were waiting for the billions of betrayal you were supposed to face


Your name will get etched into every

inch of this Earth

And nine billion faces will reflect the tears

that were left unkissed….


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