Daughter’s Wish

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Colonel Narinder Singh Malhan was commissioned from Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun. On having served for almost four decades in Indian Army, he loves to share his experiences through his writings. In his opinion, every life has a lot to unfold. Each life is unique and is an historical document with its own identity. He strongly feels, real discovery is through introspection by looking back in own time. He believes, sharing own experiences are like revisiting life's milestones with more intensity. He thoroughly enjoyed his journey in uniform.

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Long spell of separation from one’s own family is quite common in a soldier’s life. Father not seeing his children growing in front of him is not an unusual thing to happen. While children are growing faster at a particular age, it takes one by a surprise on finding children gaining height, an inch or more in a time spell of six months or so. Father meeting his family, and particularly, children after a long spell, makes long awaited reunion a cherished moment through long awaited face-to-face conversation.

I remember one such cherished moment of conversation some years back, which I had with my elder daughter. As per her belief, she was blessed with her younger sister because of her prayers to the God. Her undertone of innocence and conviction made a lot of sense to me. This was way back in 1992. Being the only child to us at that time, she used to feel bored without the company of another sister. One day, while sitting on a swing, she recalls, she was feeling sad and lonely, as she had no friends with whom she could play. So, she had thought, the best way was to quietly pray to the God to get her wish fulfilled.

Finally, it is on 18 February 1993, that her wish came true, when she was blessed with her younger sister.

Most interestingly, whenever they have a fight, issue of this wish crops up. Somehow, the younger sister has started believing in this mystery of her existence, which strongly flows through the wish of her sister. She firmly believes in a real connect between her and the purity of her sister’s wish. Most importantly, it is the purity of their belief which exists between them and it underlines their convergence on the issue.

Probably, the issue is beyond what an eye can see with its physical strength. It has colors of mysticism, where possibility of truth in the wish can’t be ruled out.


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