Dark Hours

Keerthika S

Born in September 2000, Keerthika S., daughter of truck driver, M. Subramaniyam and S. Rojarani, hails from Salem district in Tamil Nadu. She’s pursuing a B.E degree from Knowledge Institute of Technology.

I am a very lucky daughter and I love my dad very much. Since he is a lorry driver, he cannot stay for very long at home. He likes his job but has to bear all the stress and health related issues like back pain, joint pains and eye issues. This hurts and troubles him, and makes him sad too. Lorry drivers face many problems like robbery, accident, road blockage, health problems, heavy rainfall and natural calamities.

My father has faced robbery two times, both of which are unforgettable incidents.

The first happened in the September of 2015 in Maharashtra. It was around ten at night. My dad was sleeping and the co-driver was driving. Suddenly, a group of robbers in bikes surrounded the lorry, eventually they entered into it and robbed the goods. My father was very scared. He got out of the lorry and looked for help. There was no one around. To save himself my father ran and hid inside a pit. But the other driver was attacked. The robbers took away a huge sum of fifty thousand. My father hid in the pit for the rest of the night. The next day he found out that the other driver was injured and he took him to the hospital. When I saw my dad with scratches over his body, I felt like crying.

It is important to improve the lives of lorry drivers and their families. My father has been driving since twenty years. I am really proud to say that I am his daughter. We must take steps for improving road safety. We must also respect the drivers.

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