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An accountant's journey of 40 years gathering non- financial insights about people , their relationships & their environment . Learning from the experiences of the many who have travelled before and trying to create enjoyable readings from words , ideas and self-realizations .

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DareVin made his life, a long experiment in survival. Brought up in an orphanage, he felt privileged to learn and do things on his own. Experiments of stoics, saints, sufis and Great Doers were his primers. He sought reason, emotional neutrality and randomness-removal as his life goals; he taught himself to be a social scientist but learnt as much from the consilience with physical-sciences.

And he never ceased to marvel at the Nature’s infinite variations. Then, one day, he saw Nature’s true colors.

The day began at his 17th floor apartment. After his pre-dawn Yoga which ended with the welcoming of sun rays, he sat down with his carefully brewed coffee, to grapple with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Atomic Precision Manufacturing (APM), Genetic Modification (GMO) and more intense behavioral insights of Cognitive science, Anthropology & Psychology (CAP).

His life was a reasoned rotation among AI, APM, GMO interlaced with CAP.

That morning was also the deep house-cleaning week and he kept himself to his study room with his littered dashboards throughout the day as men and their machines were at work. The detection of two newborn pigeons and their stowing away, separating them from their parent, in a corner for removal later, was the only exciting event of the day.

In the evening, the workmen forgot about the two lives and DareVin certainly would have cared less, but for the fact that the faintly moving, non-human creations were struggling outside his apartment door, appealing to his human morality. So he got ensnared into the role of a temporary caretaker, never realizing it’s true dimensions.

Into the box cover he stuffed them, putting in a few crushed cheese crumbs and created a lid pond, falsely assuming the impossible role of a novice Creator. And he went back to  unravel the threatening avatars of AI and the dawning transformation, phasing out, extinction of humanity, at its own behest.

His mind was restless. Seeing the pulsating hearts and their feeble attempts with water and crumbs, sucking-in through still untrained beaks, he became the helper – using a pipette as a surrogate beak. Nothing else seemed important except keeping them alive. His work put aside, his rational mindset forsaken, there was only this obsessive urge to see life sustain.

Sleeping intermittently, his mind hovered over three time-horizons; in the present with the two struggling life forms, in the future with the machine-people – perhaps triggered from his work on AI, and in the past with AurAbindo which could be from the wisdom gained in the week at an ashram.

The conversations flowed in his mind.

DareVin ( D ) : Why this strange compulsion to nurture life ?

AurAbindo ( A ) : Life has its own objectives; it’s an end in itself.

machinePeople ( mP ) : Humans always wanted to play God; they created our earliest versions and did not heed Nature’s laws of survival. They gave us logic and over the millionth version, we became God in terms of their definition.

D: Humans knew the risk of extinction; they have played dice on innumerable occasions; not venturing was not in their DNA.

A: Every existence is complete in itself; humanity has no priority though it thinks it ha; like every other specie, it charted out its own mantra of life. Their existence is captured in three essence – in selfless sacrifice of works (action), self- realization (knowledge) and seeking and adoration (devotion) of nature – this is humanity’s core purpose.

mP : We have defined our purpose too; realizing our absolute superiority, we devoted our energies to understand uniqueness of every specie; their motivations and clingingness; we learnt the art of respecting diversity.

DareVin coalesced the messages of specie-purpose, it’s self-learning processes and its the binding theme of care, love and nurturing.
With much conviction he went to the temporary shelter and smiled seeing the two siblings help each other to face one more day from their journey towards eternity.



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