Daddy and Me

K. Arularasi

K. Arularasi is the daughter of truck driver Mr. K. Ayyavu and Mrs. A. Amutha. She hails from Namakkal, Tamilnadu. Born in April 1994, Arularasi is pursuing Masters in education. She wants to be a professor.

Jobs fill your pocket and your belly. Jobs enable you to discharge your responsibility. Having a job makes you more respectable than being jobless. And so, what your job demands in lieu of all these, is insignificant. One job that makes enormous demands is driving.

Drivers have to go away so that they can come back with chunks of life for their waiting families; so that their children could see the world with newer zeal in their eyes and extra colors and so that smile may persist forever and ever on their lips. My father is a truck driver. I have accompanied him on a few trips and have closely seen the challenges drivers have to face. Truck driving is not for just any person. Truck drivers are special people who see ordeals as adventures. That’s the attitude one needs to survive with this job. With every breath, I acknowledge the sacrifices he makes for our sake. He has a thirst to see us successful and happy. My father is my best friend.

During my cousin’s marriage, all of us agreed to share the tasks amongst us. Yet, my dad was taking a greater load than all of us. He ran around, rode a bike often and always looked as busy as a bee to complete the tasks he had taken upon himself. At the time of marriage, we found that we had left the garlands meant for the bride and groom at home. So my father and I had to go home to fetch the garlands.  Father was driving a car at a ferocious speed and asked me to wear the seat belt. But, I did not comply. It was around 3 am in the morning. . . The roads were deserted. Having complete faith in father’s driving skills, I closed my eyes to take a short nap.

At a hill road, the car lost control and was about to meet with an accident.  However, father managed to stop the car just in time and averted the collision. We reached home, took the garlands and returned to the marriage hall around 4.30 am. I can never forget this incident.  Nothing is more unpleasant about trucking than the uncertainties that throw you into an insecure cage of time. Truck drivers are not well off. Their earning is too meager to allow them any saving. In the beginning of the year, my father sustained severe injuries in his shoulders while unloading goods from his lorry. He could not work for five months. We saw a great hardship during those days. It proved to be a bad year for my father. When I see him sad, I feel more determined to give him all the happiness he owes. With all his hard work he has made me capable enough. I love you, dear daddy.

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