Cold Calling

About Krishnakali

A radio in age of iPods
A bookstore competing with Kindle
A Beatles song out of place in a club

Krishnakali has a keen appetite for reading books, painting abstract pictures and also singing. She had started writing unexpectedly and within seconds it became her better half.

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A heart broke thrice,
In countless pieces not to be precise
In a war, fought from one side
Still busy beating to survive.

The things I possess,
The people I prioritize,
I have a longing for, far too long
An irreversible equation, I hypothesize

I fear bubbles as they break
Happen for happiness, only for seconds
A feeling so fragile to hold
In a haste to have, before it ends.

The skin I touch, if it touches me back
Those fingerprints bleed, making marks
And their pheromones become my perfume
And I continue breathing in daunting darkness.

They know it all, they know it all
Yet they keep a mum.


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  • Aparna Mondal27/07/2019 at 1:33 PM

    Lovely ! Loved reading it!

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