#StoryOfTheMonth April 2017 by Vani Kaushal

Touching. Thought-Provoking. Two words that describe this story. Rakesh has an excellent command on his language and the way he expresses the plight of this little 8 year old beggar who has been handed (read: condemned) to a juvenile detention centre for welfare and correction is heart-rending. To quote him: “…juvenile centres continue to work as factories from which hardened criminals of future are manufactured…” However, there is a slight twist in the story here as our little protagonist escapes his predicament by sheer dint of good luck and it is pretty interesting to read what happens to him next. What I loved about this story is the way Rakesh juxtaposes misery and comfort, poverty and abundance, wisdom and stupidity. I would seriously recommend that he try his hand at writing a full length novel.