Magistrate Amit Narang of Ambala District Court was looking bored. He looked at the clock. It was 4.38pm. He still ...
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Staring at the Christmas bells, she remembered how every year her son and she would pull up a massive Christmas ...
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Christmas Magic

The moon shone outside like there was nothing special about tonight. Its white, however, was quieter amidst other earthly radiance ...
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A Resuming

Pankaj Dubey
‘Hit it or Quit it’ yelled the boy with gelled spikes and overstuffed mouth. ‘Just shut up and f**** off’ ...
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The Right Swipe

Divya Prakash Dubey
There are always some people in your contact list with whom you hardly talk all through the year, but as ...
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New Year Resolution

It was the month of December, severe cold had set in as did the season for joyful Christmas. Most of ...
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The New Beginning

"So dad, I think everything's done". Said Anna. "Yea, seems so." Said Mr. Harry. "Let's check out, the bells and ...
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For Santa

“It’s just celebratory fireworks. When I wake up tomorrow morning, it’ll will be over.” She told herself this, every night, ...
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A Christmas Miracle

We are attending a wedding at Mamallapuram, a tiny town of beautiful temples and beaches off Chennai. Wake up in ...
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Finding Jesus in a Cyclone

Sonam sat at Glenary’s in Darjeeling, waiting for Rohit to arrive with their ten- year-old son Manan. They had chosen ...
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The Christmas Gift