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Rakesh Pandey is an engineer by qualification and a Manager with Microsoft by profession. Basically from the holy city of Benaras, he’s settled in Bombay. He is not much of a talker and being an introvert, he is usually lost within himself.

When things become sour, he either picks up his flute, pen or fists, in that order. Music, writing and boxing are his Guardian Angels, who always rescue him and prevent any sort of mischief, which is his wont to indulge.

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She was on her annual vacation. Her parents were always against this outing. She was a very lovely lady of 16 with admirable bosom which flared to widened hips, proclaiming to the world her competence to be a mother. She was an epitome of beauty. Poets around her realm had already written poems on her. So naturally like all parents, her parents were afraid too to leave her alone, but her uncle assured that she will be safe with him and his family.

She belonged to a very rich and well-connected family. Her father was a captain and her uncle was a rich merchant. She knew that she was safe. Only one guy was worried.

Her own brother was totally against her outing. Like all brothers around the world, he was unsure of her safety and wanted his own guards around her. Her uncle vetoed this citing logistic issues. He consoled himself that his uncle will be taking care of her and grudgingly allowed her. Things were going smoothly

And then, one day…


She was walking out in the wilderness and suddenly stopped on her tracks. She saw a guy who was walking, but still seemed to float! She knew from her brother that whenever a fighter or a shark moves, it moves silently, without leaving a ripple. This guy was so seamless with the universe that he ceased to exist till she decided to stare at his body.

The man in question was dark skinned, with a serene face. She was bewitched by the way he moved his carriage around and the style he portrayed while commanding his younger brother and a wisp of young girl who she realized, must be his girlfriend. They both went into a hovel every sunset.

She was perplexed. If they were really rich as their visage and behavior proclaimed, why were they here? If they were not rich, why were they feigning grandeur?

She was confused, yet was besotted by him and wanted him. She stalked him while he went for his work. She saw his rippled muscles while he was working out. He was everything a girl could desire. He had strong back and thighs like trunks. It was then that she learnt, he was married to that girl he lived with. She went on to take a closer look at his wife.

His wife was a fairy. Fair as the moonlight and gentle as the dew, she was the epitome of decorum. She felt herself flat-footed and ugly before her. That day she decided to pluck her eyebrows to give them an arched shape. She had the only consolation that his wife had plain long fingers, whereas she had fingers, which resembled the moon. The Opal Moon winked at her and she laughed.

She kept stalking them for months, and then built up the courage to meet the guy of her dreams. It’s never easy for a guy to accost the object of his desire, let alone for a girl!

She saw her object of desire alone and approached him. She clumsily told him that she wanted to live with him and she was willing to live with the fact that he was already married. Suddenly all hell got loose on her. His brother came screaming.

He? He silently receded like a coward.

His brother manhandled her. He kicked her down, beat her, while she kept staring silently at the vacuum caused by her lover. After berating and beating her, his brother sliced off her nose for the crime of love. For a woman, nothing could be a greater punishment than disfiguring her looks, which is the base of vanity and pride for her. No crime in the world deserves this punishment.

Chandranakha wept silently, when she saw the blood pouring on her bosom. Her wild pained eyes searched for her man, who was hiding somewhere in the shadows.

Shurpnakha was born.


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