Carpe Noctem

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Nasima has completed her masters in English Literature in 2016 from Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol. She is pursuing her M. Phil from Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. Although she loves any sort of thought - provoking literary pieces, she's specifically in love with poetry. She writes both in English and Bengali. She believes poetry is one of the most effective and magical creativity human hearts are blessed with.

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When there was plenitude of time
We were not with ourselves
And now on the verge of parting ways
Look! How moments are saturating us, the peers…
you and me and us…
Moments of soulful serenity
Moments of nascent rebellions
Moments of glad peace
Moments of pure cheers…
Moments that hold time within their tiny bodies
And imprint it on the soul
So that the erosion of memories cannot claim hamper
Moments that know no decay nor fall.
Moments that create eternity
-We have lived,
Moments that are worth defying eternity.
Moments – well-achieved.
Some moments :
Captured in the glory of your eyes
And some, within the pauses of my words…
Let the moments float between us
Like this that knows no happiness nor sorrow
Moments that go on
Knowing no more tomorrow…


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