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Kalpesh Vedak is a software engineer working in IT industry for last 10 years. He has published a book, Yodha Dawn Of The Warrior, available on leading sites like google books and kindle. Writing is his hobby and his aim is always to tell stories

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From the caves of darkness a light appeared, followed by a sound. Sound of a vehicle. It was a two wheeler carrying two men. The motorcycle came to a halt and both men got down from it. Suresh checked the tires of the bike again, they looked right. Ravi started stretching himself.

“By the way, Suresh, I did call her last night. She said he sleeps by 11pm.” Ravi said.

Suresh walked aside and checked the soles of his shoes, he felt something was stuck to it. It was a chewing gum, Suresh frowned. He sat down on a stone nearby. Meanwhile Ravi pulled out a cell phone and dialled a number. He almost whispered as he spoke. He talked for 10 minutes and then hung up.

Suresh got up and walked towards Ravi. Looking around, he asked “By when can we make the run?” “I think another 10 mins. She is just packing her bags, which she will throw from the balcony into the grass we have got.” Ravi confirmed.

Suresh walked towards his vehicle. He pulled the big bundle of grass that was tied to his bike. He laid it down, then both men tried to imagine the trajectory of the bag falling down and adjusted the position of the spread of the grass accordingly.

“Suresh I thought the earlier position was right.” Ravi said. “There is a bit of breeze; the bag will not come straight down. It will move a bit with the wind.”

Suresh raised his eye brows. “Wow, quite some calculations. All that experience of teaching physics I guess.”

Both looked at each other and smiled. After another 15 mins, Ravi’s cell phone vibrated and he looked upwards. The girl was standing at the balcony of her apartment looking down. Ravi gave her a broad smile, almost showing the entire range of his white teeth and sparkling them in the street lights. The girl held the bag out to show it to Ravi and Suresh. Both of them got aside. She threw the bag that fell on the grass making enough noise to wake up the dogs.

Suresh quickly pulled out a packet of biscuit from his pocket and threw it towards the two dogs. They quickly stopped barking and started eating the biscuits. Suresh smiled and whispered, “That was a good idea. Dogs are silent again. You can ask her to come down.”

Ravi nodded in agreement.

The girl slowly walked down and moved towards Ravi. Ravi hugged her. She kissed him in return, on his cheeks. Then the woman hugged Suresh. She had tears in her eyes. Ravi, Suresh and the girl with her bag got on to the motorcycle. Suresh started, slowly pushing the two wheeler to avoid any noise. He drove the bike for two hours and made sure all the three were out of the city. They got to an old station from where they had planned take a train to Pune and then, from Pune, a flight to Nagpur.

The train arrived on time. Ravi and his soon-to-be bride got in to the train. Suresh hugged Ravi again. The girl kissed on Suresh’s forehead. As the train slowly moved, Ravi said “Thank you, Suresh.”

Suresh with a big smile on his face said, “You are welcome dad…………!”


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