Name of Book : When The Chief Fell In Love

Author :  Tuhin A. Sinha

Publisher :  Fingerprint Publishing

Price : Rs. 250 /– Paperback and Rs. 150 /- Kindle

Reviewer : Srivatsan V

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~ Review ~

After 3 long years, Tuhin Sinha comes up with his new romance cum political fiction, When The Chief Fell in Love and yes, this book will surely convince you that the 3 years wait was worth it.

A simple boy from Benaras studying in Hindu College, Vihaan Shastri meets a Kashmiri girl, Zaira during an inter college poetry competition and falls in love with her. After initial reluctance, Zaira too accepts Vihaan into her life and things go on well till Zaira had to break off with Vihaan all of sudden and move to London. After a decade, Vihaan and Zaira meet in an African country. Now, Vihaan is an aspiring politician and Zaira is an upcoming author with both married to different persons but not having a happy married life. By a twist of fate, Vihaan and Zaira once again separate. After another decade, their paths cross once again and now, Vihaan is a MP and the defence minister of India. Zaira is a bestselling author with some bestselling books in her name. Meanwhile, the relations between India and Pakistan sours and the separatist movements in Kashmir are at its peak. Will Kashmir become peaceful again? Will Kashmir become the Kashmir which Zaira had dreamt of? How Vihaan and Zaira resolves the crucial Kashmir issues with their unconventional style and their subsequent reunion in the process forms the remaining part of the story.

The book is divided into four parts with each part under different timelines and different stages from the life journey of Vihaan and Zaira. The story is narrated in first person by Vihaan and Zaira alternatively. The book keeps you engrossed with the wonderful first person narration, simple language with apt and timely dialogues and alternating of plots between Romance and Politics. In the 1992 Mani Ratnam film,”Roja”, we would have seen the filmmaker highlighting the crisis and political scenario in Kashmir. In this book, the author goes further and gives an out of the box solution to resolve the Kashmir issue and to restore normalcy in the Kashmir valley which is at presently suffering due to the proxy war waged by Pakistan via Kashmir.

To quote from the book, “A single factor responsible for reducing Kashmir to the cauldron of repressed anger and frustration that it was, it was the cumulative absence of political will of both the centre and state governments.” A strong will coupled with unconventional solutions and belief in truth can perhaps make a difference in the most unfortunate, long standing problem which Kashmir has been facing for decades.

Every true Indian lives to see that the Kashmir issue gets resolved and normalcy is restored in the valley. Personally, I too wait for such a reality to dawn, during my lifetime.

The cover of the book is a picture of the snow clad picturesque mountains in Kashmir valley during winter. This book is a must read for everyone has a heart in Kashmir. It is also for people who love reading romantic fiction. If you have loved Tuhin’s earlier political thrillers, Of Love and Politics, The Edge of Desire, and others, you will surely enjoy reading When The Chief Fell in Love.


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