Name of Book : Towards Winning : 6 Steps to Transform your life

Author : Karunakar B.

Publisher : Jaico Publishing House

Price : र 299/-

Reviewer : Advait Berde

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~ Review ~

The book, Towards Winning : 6 Steps to Transform Your Life by Karunakar B. intends to re-channel the reader’s thought process in a way that he starts looking at everything as a step towards career advancement. This book is meant for those who are looking for a guidance in the field of management or are looking for guidelines to become a better leader. The third person narrative revolves around a character named Dev, and takes us through his journey as a fresh graduate to a seasoned entrepreneur. It is spread out over 8 chapters, excluding the prelude, annexures, bibliography and acknowledgements. These topics cover points such as challenges, problem solving, growing to serve, and so on. Though the book has a third person narrative, certain sections pose as questions, which simultaneously form in a reader’s mind while reading; the subsequent answers interact directly with the reader. This in turn helps the reader to step in the shoes of the character, Dev.

The target audience is a wide array of working individuals, right from young freshly graduated professionals to new entrepreneurs to seasoned leaders, thoroughly catering to the needs of each. Even though some solutions are proposed as generic, the author has carefully pruned his statements so that they are relatable to each individual. The book takes the flow of a journal, rather than a fictional narration. Richly laden with Venn diagrams, graphs and charts, explaining each of the author’s concepts in detail, the book is sure to keep the reader engrossed throughout. These diagrams systematically take the reader through a series of formulae and guidelines, which are meant to help the reader assess his progress. The primary distinguishing point between this book and other self help books is that, this does not deal with dos and don’ts; instead it gives you a base on which you can form your own opinion. With easy to remember acronyms like ASK, which stands for Attitude, Skills and Knowledge, the author categorizes each aspect of success, be it social or temperamental, to help the reader understand their own abilities and act accordingly.

The book cover sports a minimalistic design, with emphasis on radiating positivity, with simple anecdotes like paper boats and upward graphs.

Apart from that, the book also breaks the stereotype of being overly optimistic. Instead it focuses on real life situations and how to go around them. This book is an ideal point of reference for anyone who is looking for a guidance in the field of management and entrepreneurship.

In my personal opinion, I think this book can be referred to by any individual, regardless of their educational background or economical capabilities. This book is not meant to necessarily create successful people; it is meant for people to understand what success really means. It is a brilliant myth buster for all who think success is an overnight phenomenon, or that succeeding majorly depends on luck.


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