Name of book : Till We Meet Again

Author : Shibaji Bose

Publisher : Srishti Publishers.

Price : Rs. 199

Reviewer : Rumi Dasgupta


Rumi Dasgupta is a lecturer, researcher and Editor in-Chief of a scientific journal she has just started. She is working to promote the importance of research in the field of toxicology and forensic sciences in India. She loves to talk about anything and everything under the sun, listening to music and travelling.

~ Review ~

Midway between reading the book Till We Meet Again, I went back to check the author introduction. No wonder Shibaji Bose is a Learning & Development professional. His debut book is replete with various instances in life, which causes transformation in a human being. Every person is a reflection of the bruises life inflicts upon him or her. Aryan, the protagonist, is no different. He faces it all too hard, too early. And hence starts the story.

At various reader’s breaks I wondered how this book is a superb collection of many short stories. Aryan and Priya is a short story. Aryan and Kavya is another. Aryan and Ahana will get thinking pods blooming. And Rhea is a complete tale by herself. The way Aryan’s life gets touched and affected by all these women is interesting, especially because they don’t poach into each other’s space just for the heck of it. Each woman has a very special contribution, negotiating with which Aryan’s personality changes. The young man seems backboneless when he demurely accepts the ill behavior inflicted by brother, Rohan. The same man, midway through the book, is a shield to his mother’s vulnerabilities, his sister’s professional interests and Priya’s confessions. The reader’s delight is, Aryan doesn’t act the way he does because that is the way he should – his reactions seem to be a chronological progression of a character, given the people he spends time with, the situations he encounters.

The way the book introduces the beginning of the conflict, is absolute brilliance. Aryan’s father’s death was not just a shocking happenstance, but also a symbolism of unpredictabilities of life, which, for Aryan, had just begun! Deceits being the order of the day, the author keeps the readers intrigued within his gripping imageries in a world where nothing is constant, not even the ruins of a deceit!

Another aspect that the book deftly captures is the pace, intellect and susceptibility of a transient generation. For Aryan, the natural hunger to understand and interpret is far bigger than the haste for quick fixes or even the need for love. This is obvious, given that at his phase, time is expensive and a mistake would cost time! Perhaps one of the reasons why he comes across as too righteous, devoid of much grey elements. When your basic struggle is to exist, you do just that – exist. The forces beyond try to pull you out of the expected boundaries but your uncertainties don’t leave you with much liberties to cross some forbidden lines. The way his personality matures is a treat for any story-lover.

Srishti Publishers is known to have an eye for new talent in the writing space. Once again, a superb discovery. The cover for such a book deserves more, though. It is too simple to market the fabulous content within the folds. I look forward to read more books from Shibaji Bose. Recommending Till We Meet Again to all book lovers, fiction readers, who have a taste for contemporary socio-economic observations.


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