Name of Book : The Love Song of Maya K and other short stories

Author : Shuma Raha

Publisher : Niyogi Books

Price : Rs.395 (Available in both paperback and Kindle)

Reviewer : Srivatsan V

Srivatsan is a banking and financial services professional. Books, sports and movies are his solace and detox. He is aspiring to be a writer and a knowledge entrepreneur.

~ Review ~

“The Love Song of Maya K and Other Short Stories” is a collection of thirteen short stories penned by Journalist turned author Shuma Raha. The stories are set in Kolkatta and Delhi and the plots are centered around a variety of issues ranging from Love, Betrayal, Superstitions, torn apart relationships, Religious conflicts and so on. The lead roles in all the stories in the book are played by female characters and the expression of human emotions through the stories are good. The stories are set in real life’s regular chaotic situations which one can relate with and about which one would have heard or read about in news.

The unexpected twists is the only thing which you can find in common in all the stories. The dialogues by the various characters in the stories are perfectly fitted with the respective story. People who love reading literary works or watching movies directed by Mani Ratnam or Madhur Bhandarkar will surely enjoy the book as the stories are set in a theme which one can easily relate to the films of Mani Ratnam or Madhur Bhandarkar. The narration is a bit slow as the background of the stories are set in a real life contemporary situations as said earlier and for such stories in such situations, a slow narration does justice.

My favourite stories among the thirteen are the titular story “The Love story of Maya K” and “That Cabbie”.

The cover of the book is the image of a woman with a look of love which remains unexpressed and who longs to express it. It perfectly suits the title of the book.

The author has done a good job in expressing the stories via different characters from varying backgrounds and situations. A lot of emphasis has been given on the information serving as the background pertaining to each story. Personally, I wished that the backgrounds appeared as subtle hints with the turn of the story instead of standing out as shared information. However, these backgrounds and complexities introduce the readers to the delicate bylanes of miscellaneous lives which might remain unseen and unheard most of the times, but then, those are the ingredients that cook lives into a spectacular story. That’s the beauty of the book.

The book is written in a simple, down to earth style which makes it a pleasure read. The dialogues and the characters used in the different stories does justice to the stories. Each story is different but the familiarity in writing styles and narration marks a continuity and natural progression for the reader, from one story to the next.

Lovers of literary fiction will enjoy The Love Song of Maya K and Other Short Stories more. It’s an adult fiction. People from Delhi and Kolkata would especially relate and reason with the characters.


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