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“The Code” is a collection of short stories by Mukta Mahajani. The book stays true to the lines mentioned in its cover i.e. “Stories to guide you to success”, “Awaken the hidden wisdom of your heart”.

In a world which is becoming uncertain, complex and ruthlessly competitive, it is easy to become a prey to negative emotions like Ego, Over – competitiveness, Over-expectations, Jealousy, Over-ambition, Anger and Procrastination which may eventually lead to stress, anxiety and depression. However, all these can be taken care of by maintaining a sane mind and listening to the wisdom of the heart and this is what precisely the stories in “The Code” tries to convey.

The stories in the book begins with a quote of wisdom from an icon or celebrity and then proceeds to the story and after the story, the author shares the wisdom one can learn from the story along with few questions for us to contemplate when we encounter such situations in our contemporary lives at some point of time.

Narrated in a simple English, the author makes a sincere effort for the reader to awaken their inner wisdom in a similar style like the Panchatantra tales which was narrated for a similar purpose. The stories in the book will not provide you the wisdom to conquer the world around you but will help you to conquer your old negative traits which you need to shed for your own good as well as for the good of the world around you. We first have to be the change we want to see in the world.

Personally, I loved the stories for Conquering the Ego, Mastering Over-expectations and Taming Anger which at present I was seeking a solution for and I believe, I have found some reasonable wisdom for the same, courtesy this book. If you love reading Jack Canfield’s books, Tales from Hitopdesha and Panchatantra, you will love reading this book for sure.

The cover of the book is the pic of two palms folded on the heart symbolizing nurturing the heart and to awaken the wisdom from inside. Go and read this book to awaken the goodness sleeping in the recess of your heart to make a better version of yourself and your world which will lead to ultimate good.


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