Name of Book : The Autobiography of a Stock

Author : Manoj Arora

Publisher : Jaico Publications

Price : Rs. 399/-

Reviewer : Srivatsan V

Srivatsan is a banking and financial services professional. Books, sports and movies are his solace and detox. He is aspiring to be a writer and a knowledge entrepreneur.


A 25-year-old electrical engineer, Gobind comes into a rendezvous with Mr. Stock with whom he wants to enter into a partnership, to make money. Mr. Stock and Gobind start off with a disagreement but that doesn’t end their relationship as they keep meeting each other at regular intervals at different scenarios in Gobind’s life, giving momentum to the investing environment from which Gobind learns many valuable lessons on investing in equities and stock market which will help him in becoming a successful long term investor.

The Autobiography of a Stock is one of the rare kind of books where you find both fiction and non fiction converge and they give birth to a story which is both interesting as well as educative.

Stock Markets are high risk – high return investments which requires one to have a good knowledge on how it works if they are to benefit from it. But unfortunately in reality, we find many people who enter the market without adequate knowledge, driven by their greed to make quick money and finally end up biting the dust as a result of their ignorance. This book provides you the necessary knowledge as well as wisdom, which you would need before you enter into the stock market.

The book is narrated in first person by Mr. Stock and the lessons in investing are taught by Mr. Stock to Gobind through a serious of conversations at various stages of their meetings. The book is written in a layman style without too much technical jargons which may scare off the layman who is trying to enter the market and is looking up to this book for guidance. The lessons which one learns by the time they finish reading this book will help them to take informed decisions in the share market. Such homework is essential but unfortunately an oft ignored prerequisite. Valuable chapters in the book will prove to be extremely insightful if one intends to enter i the share market, stay there in the long term and generate wealth.

Do read The Autobiography of a Stock by Manoj Arora if you are a stock market investor or planning to invest in stock market in the future, irrespective of whatever the stage of investing you are in.

Financial literacy is one of the most important skills which helps one to employ his money intelligently, irrespective of whatever profession or vocation one chooses. Our current education system, unfortunately, doesn’t include such an important discipline in its curriculum. I hope they do include in the near future.

The cover of the book shows a man in tuxedo alighting a fleet of stairs which leads to a busy street, resembling the Dalal Street where Bombay Stock Exchange is situated in Mumbai with walls around him showing the price movements of various companies listed in the stock exchange. This is symbolic of a well informed investor, confidently striding into the world of stocks to make wealth with wisdom and intelligence, amidst the surrounding cacophony.


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