Name of Book : Lost and Found in Banaras

Author : Mona Verma

Publisher : Readomania Publishing

Price : Rs. 295/-

Reviewer : Advait Berde

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~ Review ~

A widowed toddler, an estranged couple, and a pious city.

With such simple elements, Mona Verma has woven a tale of emotional upheavals, social influence and the search for Nirvana. Along with these are certain characters, who are tasked with carrying out a particular purpose in the story. For example, Debi, the first and true friend of one of the main protagonists Brinda, symbolises revival of hope and serves to personify the Phoenix.

Not delving too much in the character sketches, I would like to say that Mona Verma has managed to recreate an ambience similar to the Great Indian epics, Ramayana or Mahabharata. Albeit short in size, the book Lost and Found in Banaras is not short of a complete emotional rollercoaster, with highs and lows tumultuously following each other. The book is sure to keep you biting your nails and defying all your predictions one by one.

As is the case with every story, this book too has a happy ending. And a rather simple one too, unlike any cliffhanger or anti climactic closure, the book soothes into the lives of every character, reminding us that after all, all is well that ends well.

Richly laden with adjectives, anecdotes and metaphors, Lost and found in Banaras is the perfect guide to anyone who wishes to be lost in the world of imagination, while still being attached to reality. Mona Verma has ensured that whoever her reader is, will be engrossed and mystified by the glory and glamour of the holy city of Banaras.

The book cover sports a simplistic crumpled paper look, while being splashed with a water coloured image of Banaras landscape. The smooth shades of red appease the eye, and the simplistic look adheres to its tone. The rich design is symbolic and reflective of the story.

I took a long time to write this review, because I wanted to understand the book entirely, first. The book might come across as somewhat of a travel log to the casual reader, but anyone with a keen sense of perception would understand how deep and enlightening this tale is. The story helped me transit into that mystic of decoding the philosophy behind Nirvana. It is a perfect fit for anyone who seeks to walk consciously through the mysteries of life, one step at a time.


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