Name of Book : Let’s Talk about Guys, Girls and Sex

Author : Swati Shome

Publisher : Jaico Books

Price : INR 299/-

Reviewer : Aparna Prabhu

Aparna Prabhu is a third year student of Engineering. She considers herself a small time writer and a big time dreamer. Her write-ups have been published in online/print magazines like Womansera, Paperless Postcards, Indian Ruminations, Indus Woman Writing. She has also two anthologies published by ‘Moments Publishers’ and ‘Half Baked Beans’.

~ Review ~

Sex education is ignored or collectively hushed in our society. This leads to several misconceptions and spreading of irrelevant information. The conversations involving sex being cheap and vulgar, are misleading about issues that are actually pertinent. Text books often convey incomplete information which is quite dangerous as compared to the absence of it. The rate of cyber crime is alarming nowadays. The victims range from school children to adults, especially women. Receiving no help, they end up taking drastic steps to relieve themselves and their parents from their suffering.

‘Let’s Talk About Guys, Girls and Sex’ is an attempt to defy the taboos regarding sex, consent contraceptives, diseases transmitted owing to unprotected sex, among other things. The book attempts to answer queries like ‘When is the right time to marry?’ and bursts the myth that sexual stimulation is equivalent to consent.

It is divided into chapters that are short, crisp and to the point. Each one starts with a narration of an incident and ends with the author clearing the air about common misconceptions regarding sex, among other things.

The characters are different people that the author has encountered in her life. They are relatable and you might have even traded places with them at some point in your lifetime. Portrayed to be vulnerable and imperfect, their confusions and dilemma will find a place within you.

The language is simple and easy to understand. She has subtly explained the terms associated with sex, the female and male organs using concepts in Biology. The points put forth by her are validated by research and relevant info graphics. The narration is engaging such that the you won’t feel overwhelmed with information but grasp and assimilate it as and when it is presented.

Everyone should read this book especially the teenagers and young adults, sometimes with raging hormones, who are stepping out on their own in the real world, unable to decide what is right and what is wrong. It encourages the readers to have an open ended talk or two with parents and guardians. The concept of ‘Menstrual Cup’ is slowly booming in our country. There was an entire section about the usage and its advantages over sanitary napkins which will serve as useful information. It also initiates a healthy discussion on the issue of molestation which is much prevalent in the society.

The cover follows a minimalistic approach and is quite apt for this kind of book. There is too much information in the internet. Often, it is difficult to segregate them in the need of the hour. This book will help the readers to make the right choices according to the demand of the situation. The emergency helpline numbers for suicide, domestic abuse, depression, mentioned at the end of the book will prove handy in testing times.


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