Name of Book : Kites in a Hurricane

Author : Rishi Kapal

Publisher : Sage Publications pvt. Ltd.

Price : Rs. 399/-

Reviewer : Advait Berde

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~ Review ~

Imagine this. You are an aspiring entrepreneur, with high hopes and vivid dreams of a successful business in your eyes and sufficient resources at your disposal. But what would you do if you didn’t know what to do with the things in hand? That is where an entrepreneurial genius like Rishi Kapal steps in. Armed with the knowledge and experience of more than 500 startups, Rishi Kapal’s book Kites in a hurricane is the perfect guide for every person who wishes to be a successful and independent businessman one day. The book has everything from examples, narratives, analyses, and even statistical demonstrations, to emphasize on the need of an organised and well-kept system.

The book aims at breaking the myths, as well as explaining basic yet important concepts surrounding start-ups. The narrative takes the reader through a series of question answers, statistics, tips and tricks throughout the book, and helps the reader understand the nuances of a start-up step by step. The beauty of this book is that though it is targeted at upcoming or aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s fluidic narrative and relatable, realistic writing can hook anyone who prefers an inspirational, knowledgeable and practical read. The concept in itself is unique, as it talks about start-ups.

Start-ups in themselves do not have a specific category. However, simply put, this book covers all the major aspects of starting a business, growing it, and running it stably. The sheer amount of experience and knowledge this book emanates is enough to help anyone who is looking for guidance in the field of start-ups and entrepreneurship. The book sports a vibrant and colourful look, with playful fonts and descriptive imagery. It is probably named Kites in a hurricane because it beautifully compares the dreams of young and budding entrepreneurs with kites, which can lose their track if they come in contact with a hurricane.

This book aims to help these young individuals to hold their kite steady, manoeuvre it through turbulent winds, and emerge as a successful and confident public figure. The amount of effort and experience that Kapal shares with his audience is simply awe striking. At no point in the book will reader feel that he is zoning out or he does not find the content relatable. The book is an absolute masterpiece in terms of entrepreneurial training.

On a personal level, this book gave me a new hope, and set in motion a chain of events that have changed my life forever. I hold this book in high regard simply because of the connection I have formed with it. I hope my fellow readers experience this beautiful feeling of elation too. Rishi Kapal has redefined the meaning of business, and opened new avenues for all to try their hand at the mesmerising yet murky world of business and commerce.


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