Name of Book : Dark Luxe

Author : Mahul Brahma

Publisher : Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Price : INR 175/-

Reviewer : Advait Berde

Advait Berde is working as Automobile Content Specialist with Moneycontrol. Apart from being a quirky and intriguing individual, he spends most of his time capturing random moments, people and surroundings in his camera. Being an amateur writer and poet, he is a dedicated book-lover and everything that satisfies his desire to learn. Someone who has been a companion through every journey and has contributed enormously to his travel experiences is his bike. He aspires to devote his creativity and passion of doing something different, in good use.

~ Review ~

Dark Luxe is not about narrating a story. It is about giving an insight on the dark, horrendous “behind the scenes” world of luxury, glamour, and riches.

The book Dark Luxe takes the reader through a series of 13 short stories – a conspicuously eerie number for a book about horror stories, if I may add – and shows us what it takes to live the life of a celebrity. While each chapter begins with either a poem, a verse, or a Shakespeare’s sonnet, the title of the chapter holds quite true to its story.

For instance, the story, Death of a golden nib, is literally narrated from the pen’s point of view! This unorthodox narration is sure to catch the reader unaware. While the reader can’t help but be amused by the array of characters, the book nevertheless enthrals the audience and gives us the chills, quite regularly.

As there are 13 different short stories, having 13 different characters, I would like the audience to draw a character sketch of the protagonists of each story. That is because each story is drastically different from each other, and the book thoroughly covers all aspects of the luxuries of life. One hint I would like to give, however, is that each character is an object which inspires dreams. An object which everyone lists for, and wishes to possess. It is like hearing the story of the golden mic of Freddie Mercury.

There is no climax to the book as such. It is just the blatant truth and the harsh reality of life.

The book has a fluid, yet sophisticated language. Anyone who might be unaware of certain brand names may find some jargons here and there, but for those well versed with the high life, this book is a breeze.

The book sports a supplementing ominous blood red colour, with a single large, yet bloodied diamond in the centre. I wish the cover was more creative, though. This kind of content deserves the support of a great cover. The font used is serif, which highlights the intensity of the book.

Personally, being a fan and avid reader of horror stories, I fell in love with the book instantly. But I can say with assurance that this book is sure to appeal to even those, who are hesitant towards horror. After all, who isn’t attracted towards the high life?


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