Blue Blooded Warrior

About Amaresh Nath

Amaresh Nath is a counselling psychologist by profession. Currently he is on a sabbatical to pursue M. Phil and PhD. Apart from academics and career, he is also a man of various passion which includes writing (both prose and poetry), psychology, food, sketching, photography, philosophy, humor, science-fiction (movies, books, graphic novels), and gadgets.

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The blue blooded warrior rested
On another warrior’s hand
He has changed many
Across water and land

He is oil to fire
Which is ready to burn
He is ready to teach any mind
Which is ready to learn

Many a warrior have allied him
And waged many a battle
Battles that were noble
Battles that led the mind to rattle

He would launch torrents
Which filled up pages
He has taught everybody
From thieves to sages

The blue blooded warrior lives even today
But unlike before, he is no longer brisk
Typewriters, computers, and cell phones
Have put his life at risk.


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