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Jayashree is a spiritual guide, poet, painter and philanthropist. Currently she is working as an actor and script writer with a theatre group in India.

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There are some bloodsuckers
Trapped in an age-old lustful cage
When they come of age
Beware women, you are chased!
They victimize the ones who are meek
And those who fall in for flattering geeks.
The potential bloodsuckers hide themselves
Under the veil of gentle, velvet voice
And even pretend to walk you to safety
Until in their company you feel gaiety.
And then they take their true form
Be it in the dark of the night
Or under bright sun rays
When you are helpless in some strange place.
In their moment driven by lust
They won’t care for your love, soul, and trust
They will take you through hell
And tear you into a thousand pieces
Without caring about right or wrong.
At the end they blame it on you
‘You asked for it,’ they dare suggest
So that to none you confide the betrayal
And for you there is not a soul to console.


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