#StoryOfTheMonth November 2016 by Vani Kaushal

Diya Sen’s “Birthday Wish” has a wistful tone about it. The author reminisces an old love, how she met him and lost him. It is something that we can all relate to, isn’t it?

The story begins with the protagonist recollecting the good old days when she saw her true love for the first time. ‘In that very moment, I had fallen in love with this dark, smoldering-eyed brooding Piscean. I hoped he was feeling what I was feeling,’ she says. Apparently she dated this man for a while and then her relationship fell apart. Not that we know the reasons. Thereafter, the tone of the story changes. ‘…the childbirth pangs, need to return unreturned calls, half hearted evenings in the kitchen, cribs and cries, dressing up for those office do’s and more,’ she says, and adds how she has waited for a single phone call from her man, all these ten years of her life. Surprisingly, one day her wish comes true and he comes back to her. I loved the story for its prose. The author has a wonderful command on her language and I would love to read more from her.