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Aishani Biswas is a 15 years old student, from Siliguri, West Bengal. She is studying in Class 10 in G D Goenka public school.

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Plump! Another Apple fell. Noah looked at it contentedly. He sat on the nearest bench and smiled at himself. He was ardent of this particular tree. It was an Apple tree. A truly captivating one. With its different shades of green and delicious fruits, Noah adored this tree immensely. He planted it when he was a little one. He still visited it whenever possible. On the south park, it stood like a faithful servant. Children came to play and ate the fallen apples and also plucked a few. Noah, in the beginning disapproved but eventually accepted it. After all, they were kids. Noah would just sit on the bench and watch them play. He enjoyed the landscape.

Seeing the Apple fall on the soft, green grass, Noah got up and picked it up. Outside the park, a child was crying and lamenting for food. He was a small kid and homeless, perhaps. Noah looked for him affectionately. He slowly walked outside and held out his hand towards the child. He stopped crying and looked at Noah, surprised. Then a faint and genuine smile appeared on his thin lips. His face radiated with happiness. He carefully accepted it.
“Th…thank you”, he stammered and beamed at Noah. He felt a strange pang of satisfaction in the chest. As he left the child, he saw a group of children cheering for one of the girl’s birthday. Noah plucked a handful of fresh apples and gave it to all of the children. Then he wished the little girl for a long and beautiful life. Her name was Elanor and she gleefully giggled at the very thought of “life”.

“What do you wish for, Elanor dear?” he asked.
“Would you give me anything I want?” she queried back.

“Anything for your pretty little birthday, just ask for it.”
I would…I would love to… to own a swing! ” Elanor cried out.

“A swing! What for? There are tons in this park!” Noah’s eyebrows went up.
“No, only for my friends and me.” She twinkled like a morning star.
“Very well, Elanor, you will certainly get one. How about it, boys?” The rest of the boys smirked and cheered. Elanor beamed up at Noah.

“A bunch of ropes, a slab of wood, some nails, a hammer and…that’s it.” Noah checked his list mentally. He was absolutely exuberant of the fact that his adored Apple tree would be the cause of a little girl’s happiness. This very thought resisted him from keeping his eyes shut at night. As he cycled towards the south park, he noticed the same group of children playing hide and seek on the pavement. He noticed Elanor as one of them. Noah decided to give her a pleasant surprise. He grinned and cycled along. As he neared the park, he readjusted his tools and parked the bicycle. He drove it near the tree.

But where was it? He stopped short. His stomach went cold and a chill flooded through his pale skin. He slowly turned to the vacant space and saw that the Apple tree was uprooted to its farthest root. The wood lay motionless on the freshly mown grass, in a pile, waiting to be polished into a furniture. Noah felt his body turn numb from the loss of his best friend, while the tools slipped from his sheet-like hand and banged on the soft, green grass.


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