Being Friends with Him


Jaskaran Singh resides in (Holy city )Amritsar,Punjab. He is a Knitting businessperson by profession.He is currently studying in D A V College Amritsar. He has a craze to explore new places and getting the incense feeling of surroundings around him.He loves being around teachers and coaches that guide him through the process of learning.Learning is an integral part of his life.He likes to live his life to the fullest of his capability.

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One of my friends,
Serves as a learner epitome,
A leader indubitably,
And a person inimitable.

In home he might be martinet,
One who’s highly pedantic,
For some pedagogue,
For others penchant.

He’s also phlegmatic,
One who’s perspicacious,
Has an ability to regale,
And highly precocious.

I love his rectitude,
His being sedulous,
A gifted sanguine,
And undoubtedly paragon.


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