Bee Happy

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In a faraway land, lived a Bumble bee with his clan!
While all other bees worked for the queen
This bee was not so keen…

He wanted to explore the world,
See the land beyond the walls.
The other bees tried keeping him away-
But from his choice he could not be swayed.

With a small sack and a big leaping heart…
Our Bumble bee really stood apart!

He flew over seas, some deserts, some trees
And even crossed many mountains-
to reach a land that was different!

He smelled the air, touched the land
In daze, looked all around!

He passed many humps and big roads,
To reach a small corner- where grew two rose.
There was one black, there was one white
They looked different from others in the sunlight!

Bumble bee, kept staring for a while
And then befriended them with a smile!

The white smiled back and let him come near
But the black had some fear!
She never wanted any bee to hurt her
Or make friends that never turns forever
But, little did she knew that this bee was unique
Who made the black rose shine with chic

The white rose was simple, never thought twice,
But the black was a little vice.
The bee was happy to be around the white.
Their bond kept growing with all might!

One day, as the bee buzzed around the black-
She felt her emotions bouncing back!
She had turned black by a curse,
But his goodness made it disperse.

All her vice seemed to wither away,
As with the bumble bee she swayed.

Their bond grew stronger each day,
As the black seemed to fade away!

The white and the black smelled delighted.
Even the Bumble bee seemed very excited.

Then, soon as the black rose turned bright and red
The Bumble bee fled!

He wanted to explore more lands,
So he left to see more sand.

The white drooped in blues and sorrow,
The black too felt in her heart a little hollow.

The happy buzz around them was gone,
Now no joy was left in the lawn.

But the Bumble bee promised to meet them again,
That thought helps them to regain.
Now the white and the red look back at the days
And even get lost while treading the many memory’s ways!


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