Backbone of our Family

Pasupuleti Gopika

Born in August 1998, Pasupuleti Gopika hails from Kodada, Telangana. She is currently pursuing her B.Sc. at Suguna Degree. Born to truck driver, Mr. P. Seethaiah and Mrs. P. Jaya, Gopika aspires to become a government officer.

My role model in life is my father. He is the back bone of my family. Just as a human being cannot survive without a backbone, we cannot survive as a family as well without my dad’s support and love. He is a hard worker, working to provide a bright future for us.

I miss my dad sometimes because he spends more time with his job. At such time, whenever we face some financial problems, my mom takes responsibility and leads our family, especially when dad is away.

Listening to my father, I learned from his experiences, hardworking nature and the kindness he exhibits. I learned the value of money and ethics from him. We understand and give value to money because in middle class families like ours, money is an important aspect, but not more than one’s self-respect. My father is an honest hardworking truck driver. Sometimes he drives throughout the night to reach his destination. During his driving career, my dad has not experienced any accidents on the road because he always drives carefully. When he feels tired or sleepy, he stops driving and takes some rest before continuing to drive onward.

My future plans are to aim at becoming a Government Officer. My short term goal is to pursue a M.Sc. at Osmania University in Hyderabad. My long term goal is to become a Government Officer and contribute to society. I would like to thank Mahindra Trucks and Buses for giving this opportunity to share my voice and aspirations. I wish to say one last thing.

In an accident, it is not just one person dying, but their entire family suffers. Just as humans need a backbone to support the body, we need our father to support our family. So please be careful while driving on the road and think of your own family when you consider driving rashly.

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