Austria Diaries Part-12

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Insha Faridoon is a teen ager from Mumbai, studying in tenth grade. Her hobbies include reading, writing, singing, listening to music and photography. She loves to travel and often writes her experiences so that memories are documented somewhere lest they fade with time.

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Lake Zell was beautiful. I could see a few ducks at a distance. The water in a small cove was a unique shade of greenish-blue.

We got out and decided to go to a part of the town we had seen from the ferry. It was home to a large number of birds which could be seen in plain sight. No cars were allowed beyond a certain point, as the path was too narrow. We walked down and came to a field where some lovely horses were grazing around. They had shiny coats, curly haired tails and manes, and long hair curling around their hooves. I adore horses, they are one of my favourite animals. Next to cats, of course. I looked at them from afar, beyond the fence.  They saw us and came over to the fence. I petted one of the horses, and fed it some grass from my hand. They had a whole wide field to graze in, but they still came over to us and ate out of my hand. I guess horses need love too .

We went on ahead and saw many other horses, flowers, plants and joggers. We even saw someone jogging with her dog. I smiled at the dog and he snarled at me. I don’t know why this always happens! The scenic beauty of the valleys, fields and flowers provided a perfect photo opportunity .

At the end of the trail, we waited for Christian who had chosen to come down via another path. While waiting, we saw a horse training facility with beautiful horses. The horses had curly manes and tails and their hooves were covered with curly hair too. I sat down on a tree stump, tired from the events of the day. We had been on the move since long. Christian arrived to say goodbye as he was going out of town in about an hour and would not be able to meet us the next day.

Just because Christian was gone, it didn’t mean that our day had come to an end. Christian had brought us a jar of jam as a present. It was really tasty and the jar really pretty. On asking, he told us that he had got it from a farm that made these jams. We were curious about it, so Christian gave our driver the address to the farm. The farm was called Argut farm. A woman greeted us at the door; we told her that we were here to see the farm. She happily agreed to give us a tour and called her daughter, who was a better English speaker. She told us everything she knew – right from the inception till date. She also showed us a room where they made us cheese. She led us to the kitchen where they made the jam and opened for us a cupboard where different flavours of jams were kept. She said that they also made schnaps.

We went ahead to a small diner. Inside its washroom, a huge jukebox was kept with the names of a number of German songs written on it. It was the first time I had seen a jukebox. I wanted to play it, but we were running on a schedule and couldn’t afford to waste any time.

Just next to the diner was the Alpine Coaster, a small roller coaster which went over the hill. I was really excited about it, as I love roller coasters. Papa skipped the opportunity and let me and mumma go on the ride by ourselves. It was amazing. We were going up on a hill, through the  tall blades of  grass and flowers. This might seem like a beautiful idea, in theory, but it was actually kind of annoying. Sometime, the reeds would hit me in the face and insects would make themselves feel at home on my bare hand, or my face.  The coaster maintained uniform speed for the way up, and on the way down we could adjust the speed ourselves. I wanted to go at a high speed, but mom said “no”! A few times, I increased the speed, just to give my mom a scare. That wasn’t the wisest of decisions, but I was too excited to care.

As we reached the end, the ride slowly stopped and we got out. I saw a few sheep in a nearby enclosure. It felt a bit dizzy, but it was still fun. Papa still didn’t want to go; so I took his ticket and went on the ride by myself. This time I went really fast. I was even more dizzy this time around. Papa had ordered a coffee and a freshly baked chocolate muffin at the diner. It was delicious.

From there, we went to a spa called Tauern spa.  It was located in the lap of nature, with green fields surrounding it and ice-capped mountains in the horizon. It had swimming pools, many of which were heated so that people could relax. There were even a few salts in few of them to soothe the pains of the body. We located a warm one and stayed in it for as long as we were there. I tried going into another pool, but the water was freezing cold. So I came back running and dove into the warmer pool. I don’t really mind cold water, but the temperature was low and I had just come out of a heated pool! It was almost like I had stepped on ice and jolted out.

Moving on, we went to a supermarket nearby. The way to the supermarket was really pretty too. I don’t know how every little thing in a country can be so beautiful. We bought a few things at the supermarket, like vegetables, rice, salt, spices, and a few snacks. Mumma had decided to make something Indian for dinner in the kitchen of our room. Needless to say, I was excited to eat Mummy’s food after so long.

We went back to our hotel, and had our usual evening tea. We had arrived quite early. Mumma got out the pots and pans and set about making some chicken biryani and qorma. The induction was not something that mummy was used to; it took some time to figure the process.

The utensils we had were also not appropriate for preparing the dishes we were attempting. Mumma still somehow managed to whip up a wonderful dinner. It felt like I was back home, sitting around a table and eating Indian food. I felt a tug on my heart and suddenly I was really homesick. This always happens. I might be having the time of my life, but home is where the heart is. I started counting the days when we would be going back to Mumbai. Just got to make it through fewmore days.


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