Au Revoir

About Ruth Pal Chaudhuri

Ruth Pal Chaudhuri is pursuing her Zoology majors from IGNOU. Poetry, daydreaming and solitary walking are her passion.

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Dear feathers, know
I love you, but I should let you go.
Let you go, before they clip you.
Mangle and maul you,
Bloodied and left to rot.
My faithful friend,
You have been my saviour
When times were unfriendly
And hope started to waver.
In my memories,
I will fondly remember
The time I spread you wide
And tested the strength
Of your nature. Mine too.
But our journey ends here.
Beautiful feathers, my rainbow…
Don’t lose the glamour.
Here, I’m letting you go, but
I am sure, we will meet again.
Meet when time is fluid.
The universe will be ours to explore
And settle upon a solitary star.
But, for now
Dearest feathers, au revoir.


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