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Akhil Kakkar is a Mumbai-based writer and content marketer. He has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Brunel University, London, where his dissertation tutor was Booker-longlisted author Matt Thorne. He has also attended the ‘Time to Write’ course at the University of Cambridge twice, and has been mentored by renowned Indian author Anita Nair. His work has been published in Bangalore Mirror, Scroll, The Criterion, Voices From The Attic, Open Road Review, Quillr and The Madras Mag.

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My woofers woof, my speakers roar,

the CD plays – Phil Collins’ ‘I don’t care anymore’.

My seatbelt is buckled, I think I’m ready,

but there are always chances to be unsteady.


We used to do weekend trips in this car,

drive it to the movies or to the bazaar.

She is with James now, he is posh and wealthy,

also our marriage was never really healthy.


I look inside the box on the passenger seat,

bills and more bills; I accept my defeat.

The warning light on my dashboard is on,

a couple of coughs and the debt is gone.


I doubt anyone would miss my presence,

I wonder if now is the time for reminiscence.

I close my eyes, there is no hurry,

put my foot to the pedal, but my car is stationary.


The ignition is on, I now wait for the end,

asphyxiation is the evil I need to befriend.

This looks easy, I don’t understand the hype,

and then I smell the fumes from the exhaust pipe.



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