Another Name for Love

Pavneet Kour

Pavneet Kour of Nawabad in Jammu and Kashmir is a 12th standard student who looks forward to become an Engineer. She sure has a deep knowledge about the world where her father, Gurchasan Singh and mother, Ramneek Kour live a life of aspirations and inspirations.

“To her, the name of father was

Another name for love.”

(Fanny Fern)

This is what I believe is true for me, my life is surrounded by my father’s love, his care and sacrifices for me and our family.

My father’s name is “Gurcharan Singh”. He is the best father in the whole universe. Actually every daughter feels the same. But my connection towards him is too strong and different.

My father is a truck driver. He works very hard to fulfill our needs and this has been going on for a long time. I can count them on my fingers yet it would be countless days and nights that he spends away from us just to give me that school, that house, the food, the books, a self confidence, a belief, a dream and so much more. Every father does that but I am not sure if every child does recognize this blessing called “parents”.

I live in a place, a beautiful place in Kashmir which is sometimes filled with a foreign taste of institutionalized living. But the simplicity of this place I see seeping through my father’s values.

We are what we believe in and what we live with.

What deeply moves me is the way my father deals with his situations on the road. Some are terrible, some extraordinary and it takes a lot out of him. We feel what he feels and in spite of the distance that keeps him on the road for months, we feel the fear of what is to come and what can be lost.

We feel alone because the head of our family isn’t with us. Our home then feels like an empty- lifeless place, as if a big part of our lives is getting disconnected from us with the ticking of the time. But we deal with this emptiness because we have love towards our family and strength to live life as it comes. Always with a smile, I can dream bigger and shine among the stars. I know I’ll be able to do so with the blessings of my family and the belief of my father.

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