An Unusual Journey

Aarthi P. K.

Born in October 1998, Aarthi P K is the daughter of the truck driver Kalaiselvan P and Saroja K. She belongs to the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu and is a second-year B.Sc student. She aspires to work for a reputed company in the future.

Being a truck driver, my father faces several undesired situations that pose a new challenge for him each day. Road accidents have become very common due to many vehicle collisions and ignorance of proper road safety measures as observed and experienced by my father. Also, the number of deaths caused due to road accidents is increasing. Usually, my father notices all the roads to be busy and sees many people driving rashly, which is not just a big threat to their own lives but also to the lives of others. The traffic issue is mainly because people prefer to use their own vehicle instead of travelling by the public transport.

My father has seen numerous accidents taking place because of this reason.  Many underage people drive without an appropriate driving license and put their lives in danger. My father is a strict follower of traffic rules and always advises the young individuals to get proper training and guidance by any recognized driving instructor before driving on the roads. Besides, my father is a master in handling serious situations on the road. He always insists on including the road safety measures in the school curriculum so that the children can know about the importance of the road safety rules since an early age.

With the number of accidents witnessed by my father on the road regularly, it can be said that day by day it is becoming very unsafe to drive. Papa has come across incidences where people use their personal vehicles constantly without regular maintenance or servicing, thus risking the quality of their vehicle and getting prone to fatal breakdowns and even accidents. Many mishaps take place due to brake failure and unavailability of the first aid box and other important accessories further add to the problem.

Learning from my father’s experience, I believe that road safety is an important aspect and all the traffic rules and regulations must be obeyed for the betterment of all.

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