An Untold Love Letter

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Priya was a confident and a beautiful girl, a dreamer by passion and a voyager by the interest. Priya was an ardent traveler. She always maintained a diary in which she wrote details of her daily chores. One night she was busy finding a new destination for travelling. Her eyes were fixed on the internet search engine. She visited a page on Facebook, which was informative describing the new places to visit in India.

As Priya lived in the USA, she was eager to visit India to know the place of her birth. Her parents moved down to the USA, when she was 4 years old. She was trying since the past year to visit India.

Next morning she woke up with new hope, because she was determined that she will get an opportunity to visit some beautiful pages of India. When she logged into her facebook account, suddenly she saw a filtered message.

A message from a stranger. “Hi I am Pankaj from Chandigarh, India.” I am a tourist guide. May I help you?”

Priya jumped with joy. Yes! God has listened to me, I am flying to India.

Priya accepted his friend request and started chatting with Pankaj. She also started exchanging messages with him on WatsApp. Every day she chatted with Pankaj for at least 2 to 3 hours.  He was very sober, sensitive and a gentle person. Slowly and slowly, Priya was addicted to Pankaj. Every day and night, Pankaj’s way of talking, his way of smiling and his way of helping left a deep mark  in her heart.

Priya was at a dilemma, she wondered if she was in love with Pankaj. She checked her emotions. Maybe it was just an attraction!

But no it was a ray of love that expanded Priya’s heart with invisible feelings for Pankaj. However, she couldn’t tell him because she thought she should meet him first.

Priya decided to visit Chandigarh because she was curious to know the traditions of India and wanted to meet Pankaj personally. After few weeks, she reached INDIA. At the airport, a tall and a handsome guy approached Priya, and whispered from behind.

 “Hi………………I am Pankaj.”

Priya turned back. Priya’s soul was filled with joy and she felt that she was dreaming of Pankaj. However, she was not, Pankaj was standing in front of Priya.

By afternoon, Priya reached her hotel room. Pankaj told her to take rest, and that he would see her the next day.

Everyday they met and travelled to new places. Pankaj guided Priya with full attention. Priya was influenced by the gentle behavior of Pankaj. She was eager to see and meet Pankaj at each moment of the day. Although Pankaj was a charming chap, yet Priya always noticed a sigh of sadness in the eyes of Pankaj. Several times she thought of asking the reason, but she was unable to do that.

One morning, she waited for Pankaj, but he didn’t arrive. Whole day she waited eagerly and was very anxious. Where was he?

By hook or by crook, she came to know from one of the fellow tourist guide that Pankaj was in a city hospital.

She rushed to the hospital and saw Pankaj sitting outside the operation theater.

“Is everything fine? Who is inside the operation theater?” Priya asked

Pankaj answered, “My LOVE!”

 Pankaj told Priya that Roma’s operation was going on inside because she was suffering from brain tumor. Priya held her tears, piercing her eyes like arrows. She could wait only for 5 minutes. She consoled Pankaj and went away from the hospital.

She broke down in her hotel room. Tears flowed continuously for several hours.

At 4A.M in the morning, she was silent and calm. She opened her bag and took out the love letter that she had written for Pankaj.

The words of the letter were coated with the love that was angelic. Slowly she whispered the words written to Pankaj that was in the form of a poem.

“Your smile is elegant”

“Your eyes behold the lovely vibes of a charming lavish love”

“Your aura is undefinable”

“Your smile makes me feel at complete”

“Your warm hands reminds the warmth of a rising sunshine”

“You are all in one – I Love you…Pankaj

My confession to my love

 On same day at 1 A.M., Priya boarded flight to USA, holding the memories of her lost love and an untold and an invisible love letter closed in her heart.

After 15 years, she again saw Pankaj on internet. With his love by the side and his daughter…


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