An Unforgetable Accident

Pinky Choudhary and Sunita Bachchu

Pinky is a proud daughter of truck driver, Mr. Rajpal Choudhary and Ms. Kamla Chaudhary. Born in June 1996, Pinky hails from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, She is currently pursuing her M.Com from JAI NARAIN VYAS UNIVERSITY, JODHPUR. Pinky wishes to procure a Government job once she finishes her studies.

Sunita Bachchu is a proud daughter of truck driver Mr. Bachchu Posalya and Ms. Resa Bachchu. Born in Augus t1995, Sunita hails from Nandurbar, Maharashtra. Currently pursuing M.A in Marathi, Sunita aspires to become a Principal someday.

“Father, whether you get me a doll from over the seven seas or not, please come home soon.”

It was noon when father left in his vehicle. As time passed by, continued with our daily talks. Over phone we used to ask father about his health. After talking to him we felt a unique relief. After some days though, when he didn’t phone us, we were scared, and we had queer thoughts in our minds. We were praying that wherever father be, may he be safe.

Three or four days later when father called up, mother spoke and father was crying in the other end. We were worried and asked father why he was crying. So father said that a few miscreants had caught him and they hit him badly. “There were four of them and I was alone, I was unable to do anything. For 24 hours the scoundrels did not give me any food or water. When they kept hitting me, I told them to leave me. I said when you can’t grant life to someone, why do you want to steal that life? That is when they left me, but they took all the goods.”

Strange are the rules of this world, where the lonely and the weak must be dominated and harmed!

Father when will you come home?

When will you take us out?

When will you feed us, as we sit on your lap?

Father when will you come home?

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