An Ode to the True Sea Man!!!

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Menaka is a proud home maker and a mother of two children. She was born in Chennai and brought up in Mumbai. Graduate in Arts and Graphics, she worked as a design consultant for two years, and then as a freelance graphic designer. She loves to read, write stories, draw portraits. She believes that thoughts create destiny. She discovered that she can express better through writing and hence chose poems as they are the best and most elegant way to express ones innermost desires.

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A life that moves in circular direction; a life that foresees waves in action. He is the one who comes back home to go away.

No ordinary man is he, for he is just a Seaman!

A man who does not have an address, except for the name of the vessel, yet his passport shows one. His home is elsewhere, where his heart belongs.

He is not like any other man, yet the most ordinary person at heart. He cannot go through all the daily mundane stuff of the ordinary man, yet the man cannot express the pain he goes through.

An ordinary man cannot live away from his home, love and family for months on end. He cannot be the helpless son, lonely husband, or the yearning father. He will never know the frustration of staying awake for days, round the clock, as there are no constant time zones.

The ordinary man would never know the laments of a lonely cabin he would have to come back to, after work. He would never know the craving to hear his children’s laughter, amidst the roar of the engines and the sound of the ocean.

The ordinary man comes home to his loved ones, gets hugged by his children. The seaman can only see his children grow in pictures, yet he has to be strong and perform his duties. His wife silently wipes her tears, braving the pain and consoling the kids that father will be home soon. He is still an ordinary man away, doing his job. He tells everyone to understand that he needs to be away.
He is not a Casanova, he goes to the shore to step on land because he has not felt it beneath his soles for long. Living with the fear and despair, that when his family needs him, he may not be around. He fights with himself and his surging thoughts, but tells himself, “Not now mate, duty beckons.”
His eyes wet, with only prayers in his heart for the well-being of his loved ones, he continues to live on the bed of the ocean looking forward to the day when he’ll unite with his folks back home.
He wants me to tell everyone, “While I stand tall at the bridge or in the engine room, I love my family and I miss them. I am proud of who I am and what I do. The ordinary man I am inside, I shall always be. But the man I am today, no ordinary man shall be”.


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