Khatija Afnaz

Khatija Afnaz, daughter of truck driver Abdul Aziz, is from Mangalore in Karnataka. She’s currently doing B.E in CSE from Sahyadri College of Engineering. She plans to pursue M. Tech in future.

My dad has been driving for thirty years now. He hasn’t encountered any accidents as he drives safely for the sake of himself and others.  But driving is not an easy task.

In the middle of the night when my eyes open, I realise I had been sleeping and my father is driving somewhere. He drives sleeplessly through nights, not because he is insomniac or because it is his choice. This is his profession and he does it just to look after his family.

“Is everything fine?”

Not a question I want to ask. I try to fall back on bed and sleep.

Whenever he is late while coming back home, we all become anxious and scared. Drivers have so much to keep in mind while driving. They need to maintain a speed limit and be very careful during bends and turns in the road. While steering through areas with schools, hospitals and residences, my father remains extra cautious. “Vehicles on the road must maintain necessary distance between them to avoid collisions,” he says.

But then, nothing is dependent on one person. The number of mishaps occurring due to reckless driving is uncountable. People do not follow traffic rules. Even pedestrians, motorists, cyclists who are casual about safety norms encounter accidents. If there is a truck driver involved, the blame comes upon him by default.

 The road is not a kind place.

Tension surrounds the environment when my father’s phone is switched off. Until he returns, we all remain scared hoping everything is fine.

Road safety is very important to prevent road side injuries and accidents. It is an important topic and has been added to various fields like education, social awareness and many more. Students should be well exposed to this topic. It also helps them in making projects, debates and other competitions. Everyone should be well aware of the road traffic rules, especially children and young people who are at high risks. According to statistics, most of the accidents leading cause of death are caused by the road trauma. Safe driving is important for drivers to prevent accidents.

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