A journey from your mind to our's.....

#TellMeYourStory is a story-telling platform where professionals across disciplines and geographies are coming together to write short stories. Every day we are reported about the violence and hatred the earthlings are suffering. Individually we might be too powerless to combat those that divide, kill and destroy. But together, we can celebrate the spirit of coexistence and share with each other a slice of our minds or life. That way, our personal emotions become a collective cause.

#TellMeYourStory invites everyone under the planet to write and send their stories, which would be published online and shared with one and all. Everything inspiring is the first step to healing! Hence, make friends with the word file of your computer and translate your thoughts into words.

Reading and writing habits among masses are decreasing at an alarming rate! What once happened to be a secret pleasure, a mystery hobby, a close confidante has suddenly lost its charm. Hardly anyone writes diaries today. Very few still come up shyly and disclose that he has written a story. No one tries to impress his first love with a beautifully worded poem any more.

We have progressed. But in the process, we have stripped ourselves those habits that once allowed many of us to vent our pent up emotions. Today youngsters are glued to studies or video games and elders are working round the clock. Everyone is constantly fiddling with their phones. Does that mean our lives have become mechanical and nothing interesting happens to us any more? No!

Every life has stories. You are churning them every moment. These stories are constantly arousing love, hatred, anger, empathy, tears, disgust, and pleasure within you. Just that with the pace we have adopted, we don’t stop to enjoy the stories of our lives. We move on too fast. The birthday you had planned for your mum last year is a story; your dream date is a story; your first day at college is a story; the colleague turned family you left behind post retirement is a story; the house you want as your own is a story; the teacher or doctor or police who inspired you is a story… and the list is endless!

Most of us are not professional authors. But all of us are living our own stories. Think how beautiful would it be, if we were to document these stories somewhere? That’s all about #TellMeYourStory! Each of these stories will explore the minds of myriad writers, who might be culturally, geographically and economically apart. Yet, each story written would be an attempt to connect minds; each story read would be the experience of a new world.