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Nazneen is an engineer by profession and a poet at heart! She founded WINGED FABLES so as to promote the concept of storytelling and community gathering among people. She uses her craft to create endless ripples to tune in the melodies of love and harmony. A corporate trainer, writer, and advocate of the Yoga philosophy, Nazneen loves adventure and is fond of traveling, reading, and watching science fiction and documentaries of the stars and galaxies.

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Every home has an allied tale

Of Love, Grief, Ecstasy, Sorrow, Bonds, Heartbreaks, and more

Strolling down the lanes of my town,

Bustling with people and houses all around,

The urban energy wavering in full flow

I came across in the midst of this vibrant scene

An atypical structure

That stands still and serene.

The wooden panache grabbed my attention at once –

Tall ceiling, inclined roof, those fixed blinds slicing the rays

To frame an ornamental shadow so good!


A staircase that spiralled towards the sky

Is blurred with grime of the time.

Parched leaves cover its ridge,

The worn out slings that dangle from the top are loose, fragile and barely clubbed

Yet they seem to support something important hidden beneath the hub.

This marvel of a structure that brightens with gleams of the sun each day

Must not be snubbed!


While thoughts for my new dwelling swayed in and out,

I heard some words being murmured around

“Oh! That’s a haunted one”

Leaving me astounded!


The modern architecture of bygone times,

Turning to ruins and kept vacant so far!

I wonder what might have been the related tale of this abode

That has left it abandoned for ages to come!


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  • KrishnaM13/07/2017 at 9:40 AM

    Good one… The author has a lot of potential… Keep sharing.

  • nitesh maganlal14/07/2017 at 9:31 AM

    Your website provided me a great way to enjoy my leisure time.
    You’ve got a great story here and I will likely be thankful to you for sharing the same.

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